Multi-Scalar and Cross-Disciplinary Approaches towards Equitable Water Governance

National Science Foundation Workshop in Cultural Anthropology
February 21-23, 2013
Center for Global, International and Regional Studies
University of California, Santa Cruz

Workshop Organizers:
Flora Lu (Environmental Studies, UCSC)
          Ben Crow (Sociology Department, UCSC)
Constanza Ocampo-Raeder (Anthropology Department, University of Maine)
Sarah T. Romano (Politics Department, UCSC)

The fundamental goal of this workshop is to examine and understand the dimensions of equity in regard to water use, access, and decision-making processes through the development of a multi-scalar and cross-disciplinary theoretical framework.



The draft review paper for the workshop has been superseded by "Equitable water governance: future directions in the understanding and analysis of water inequities in the global South" which is the introduction to the Special Issue of Water International on Equitable Water Governance.


Newsha Ajami
Rutgerd Boelens
Jessica Budds  
Laureano del Castillo  
Isha Ray
Seema Kulkarni
Margreet Zwarteveen  
Brian Dill
Margaret Keck
The book is currently in press and as such prevents posting here. Please email, if you wish to to read parts of the manuscript.
Constanza Ocampo Raeder  
Thomas Perreault
Tim Podkul
Susan Spronk
Richard Stout  

Catherine Tucker

Leila Harris