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What is the impact of global sourcing on regions of innovation? Building upon last year’s meeting, Global IT Industry: The Future of China and India, this workshop focuses on the individual and integrated evolution of outsourcing and innovative regions like Silicon Valley. The workshop aims to capture these complex changes through the general theme of location and innovation from both local and global perspectives.

Since the late 1960s, innovative regions and firms have been built through complex outsourcing and offshoring relationships. Multiple industries, ranging from automobiles to textiles to integrated circuits, have all integrated global sourcing as an essential organizational feature. Yet, these evolutions have usually involved manufacturing, not higher-level “soft skills” like design and management, or service-centered industries like software or R&D. New trends raise important questions for regions and companies: Does the global sourcing of services pose a different sort of challenge for regions and industries? Are services different in this respect from other types of work? What is the actual impact for growth and innovation in the short and long-term? What are the links between services, production and innovation within companies and regions? Is it inevitable that services will follow manufacturing globally, or are there limits to global sourcing?

The ties between Silicon Valley and other regions globally will both deepen and strengthen in the next decade. How they will evolve, individually and collectively, is still open to question. By focusing critical attention on the interaction of entrepreneurs, companies and regions, the workshop will deepen our understanding of this evolution and possible strategic and policy choices over the next decade.

Workshop Sessions Covering:
Global Trends and Regional Impacts
Industries and Regions: Specific Cases and Lessons
Globalization of Design
Industry Perspectives: Opportunities and Challenges

Confirmed participants :
Alok Aggarwal, Chairman, Evalueserve
Dan Breznitz, Industrial Performance Center MIT & Media Lab, Ireland
Rafiq Dossani, A/PARC, Stanford
Dieter Ernst, East-West Center
Martin Kenney, UC Davis and BRIE
Ken Kraemer, CRITO, UC Irvine

Cynthis A. Kroll, Fischer Center, UC Berkeley
Ashok Deo Bardhan, Fischer Center, UC Berkeley
Catherine Mann, Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC
Jagadish Bandhole, Veritas Software
Gobi R. Padmanabhan, National Semiconductor

Organized by:
Nirvikar Singh, Santa Cruz Center for International Economics,
Kyle Eischen, Associate Director, Center for Global, International & Regional Studies
Ram Akella, Director, Information Systems and Technology Management

Sponsored by:
Santa Cruz Center for International Economics
Center for Global, International & Regional Studies &
the Baskin School of Engineering